It’s the Water


From an anonymous contributor:

Our dishwasher has been delivering a scummy finish to all glassware for about a month. All investigations, repairs did not fix it. I overheard someone in line at Safeway talking about Los Altos hard water and found this link.

Yes, folks, it’s the water. I called CalWater and asked what the hard water measurement in Los Altos will be for the duration – “18/23 grains”, fixed by late January.  Based on this link:

Anything over 10.5 is regarded as very hard (ppm to grains divisor is 17.1).

What to do? I went to True Value hardware in Los Altos. They recommended Finish Glass Magic, then told me they were sold out. There were three more people there with the same issue. I found a box at Ace hardware in Palo Alto (OSH, Wal-Mart, Safeway all came up empty), tried it, works as advertised.  Costco has these goodies in bulk, but be warned: we still soak our glassware in a vinegar solution every few months.  That seems to be the only way to get rid of the water spots.

I just checked the recent water bill, zero commentary on this. I have come to the conclusion that CalWater is a member of the Dishwasher Industrial Complex.

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